7 Handyman order document plugin interface


The Handyman order document plug-in interface is a way to let external systems transport and edit order-related data without the need of implementing changes in ePocket Handyman standard applications.

If Handyman does not support special branch specific data and custom solutions deveoped in the customers back office system that is important for the field worker, then creating a plugin for these data is the solution. 

The system is based on creating a new document type with a corresponding editor/viewer (Plug-in) to edit or view the data.

Synchronisation with BackOffice systems
The data is sent as order documents. Please refer to chapter 5.2 Order information and 6.1 Orders/registrations for a technical description on how to synchronize the document data. 
You choose you own file formats. The file content will be sendt in binary form from Handyman, and must be provided in binary form to Handyman.

Plug-in menu in Handyman Administraor (Only available for administrator users):

7. Handyman plugin setup interface menu

 Interface to install or inspect plug-ins:

7. Handyman plugin setup interface