7.4 Asset Editor

The Handyman Asset Editor is a document plug-in to edit/view asset data related to an order for a site.
The data format is based on a free dynamic XML format that describes a site, the assets at the site, and the history for the site.

General Preconditions

1) Backoffice system has asset-management system/asset data. Handyman is only used to mobilize this information => Focus on Mobile Device application

2) It is possible to connect a broad variety of asset-management systems because of the flexible XML structure in the Asset Editor

3) Handyman Asset Management does not intend to compete with existing Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Systems for the office application. However Handyman Asset Management is targeting existing EAM users for the mobile part.

4) Any business rule that depends on data collected with the Asset Editor must be implemented in the BackOffice integration. Handyman only transports and edits the data from the BackOffice system.

There is no possibility to access handyman databases on the Mobile Device from the Asset Editor. Registrations on the order can be connected to assets by using Handymanís grouping mechanism (Cost centres) to connect to assets. A list of asset-idís and names must be sent from the BackOffice system together with the order, and the BackOffice is responsible to connect the registrations to the assets after receiving registrations from Handyman.