4.2.8 Get formatted Circuit List PDF documents

Handyman supports a special document type called "Circuit List".

The format inside the document is structured XML data, but the end user needs to get access to the formatted report.

When querying the order for a list of documents, Circuit List documensts have the filexetension epx.

To be able to get the formatted report (PDF file) for this document type, the following must be done:

  1. Use the QueryOrder to get the list of documents for an order
  2. Use the URL_CircuitList command to get the PDF report. The paramater is the value of the HSDocumentID from the Document node in step 1.
  3. To be able to get the PDF file, two properties must be set before calling the function:
    and PrintViaPDF=True

Function definition:

Public Function URL_CircuitList(lDocumentID As Long) As String

Sample code:

    moReport.Automatic = False
    moReport.PrintViaPDF = True
    msURL = moReport.URL_CircuitList(txtDocumentId.Text)